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Satyadev is a farmer in Buxar district in Bihar with 2 acres of cultivable land. Until recently, he depended on the local trader to sell his output. The opaque and unfair trade practices employed by the local trader meant that Satyadev had to give up an additional commodity as commission. Further, his realization was subject to deductions on account of quality to which he had no visibility. Working with KiVi, Satyadev sold 3 MT of wheat without being subjected to unexplained deductions and without having to provide additional quantity as commission.


Farmer, Bihar

Pramod Singh is a farmer in Rohtas district in Bihar. Getting the right price and timely payment for his commodity has been a challenge for him.

KiVi enabled him to sell 11 MT of wheat at a price higher than prevailing farm-gate price and receive timely payment. Further, Pramod Singh is eligible for a participation reward which will add to his overall realization.

Pramod Singh

Farmer, Bihar