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KiVi Platform

KiVi is an Agritech start-up that aims to make farming a livelihood of choice for millions of Indians.

The key value propositions of KiVi are a unique digital platform and KiViStar (Local Franchisee) network. The KiViStar network will connect with the last mile farmer to access the services offered on KiVi.

KiVi leverages the large-scale adoption of smartphones, better data connectivity, improving rural digital adoption and the India Stack to deliver products and services directly to farmers in the agriculture and finance domain, through contact-less, paperless, and cashless delivery mode.

Our Unique Model

KiViStars enroll farmers and FPOs on KiVi Platform creating their unique credit score which defines their eligibility for various products and services offered by KiVi.

Farmers are served with KiVi offerings at their doorstep through their crop life cycle requirements by a locally deployed and socially embedded KiViStar.

Eligible farmers are not required to knock on the doors of any other service provider or intermediary once they are on-boarded on KiVi platform. KiViStars engage with farmers right at the crop planning stage, supply them agri input and credit, enable digital agro-advisory and finally help them sell their output through KiVi platform. KiVi also provides FPO management services to on-boarded FPOs to enable them to engage with their farmer base in the most effective manner.

KiVi employs a micro-entrepreneur-led (KiViStar) model that combines the strength of the technology platform with the franchisee’s local expertise, social capital and last mile transaction capability.

KiVi also enables FPOs to achieve their true potential by providing technology, governance and management services.

By digitizing farmer transactions and employing proprietary underwriting models, KiVi generates insights into a farmer’s credit worthiness and enables partner-lenders to deploy their capital more effectively and the farmer to access lower priced and conveniently structured loans. The lending products will include embedded finance products and insurance products.

Strengthening all Stakeholders in the Agri Sector


One-Stop-Availability of agriculture and financial products and services to meet their entire crop life cycle requirements through timely and transparent digital processes at reduced cost including access to assured digital markets resulting in better income realization.


Opportunity to become a village entrepreneur and support farming community, earn social recognition and attractive income.


Digital enablement and professional management support by KiVi to enable and scale their business becoming more valuable for their farmers base. FPOs can source agri input and sell agri outputs through KiVi platform with support of KiViStars.


Opportunity to underwrite large PSL (agri & SME loans) and cross sell other financial products.

Input Suppliers

Direct connect to farmers, data driven demand estimation, embedded agri input credit, low cost last mile distribution channel.


Direct farmer connect, supply estimation, low cost last mile commodity sourcing channel of KiViStars with digital tracking capability, visibility into benefit flow-back.

What makes us different

Extensive Bharat Experience

KiVi is founded by a team with the passion & expertise in solving complex problems for Bharat and has a track record of enabling Rs.40,000+ crore of rural lending & 50,000+ tons of agri commodity procurement & marketing.

Direct Farmer Engagement

KiVi model relies on direct farmer engagement which allows for deeper engagement and generates rich data that drives value for the entire ecosystem.

Digital Financial Services

Credit products designed for the agri sector leveraging proprietary farmer scoring model & features of joint liability group lending to provide lower cost funding to farmers and higher risk-adjusted return for the lenders.

FPO Services

FPOs play an important role in the government’s goal of doubling farmer income. However, most FPOs cannot attract the right managerial talent required to drive commercial success. By tying up with FPOs, KiVi provides management and governance support to augment its capacity to those farmers who are limited by constraints.

Alignment with ESG

Our ESG-centric model opens access to alternate sources of capital and technical expertise, further strengthening the platform and enabling us to implement best practices.

Environmental Social Governance
Direct connect with farmer
Community organization strengthening
Digital financial services including embedded finance  
Trade practice transparency  
Agronomy - best practices & wastage reduction